The Little Reader Testimonial Project

In March 2011, we found nearly 40 sets of parents in California who were willing to try out Little Reader with their babies or toddlers. They were given Little Reader to use for free, with the only conditions being that they would use the product regularly, take some video footage of the learning process, and come back in for a video interview after about 10 weeks.

After 10 weeks, we were pleased to find that there were still over 30 parent groups still active with the program (a few parents had dropped out from the project due to reasons such as lack of time, or computer compatibility issues).

We had a limited studio time of two days which allowed us enough time to interview 10 parents for each day, and we invited 18 of those parents and another 2 more long-time Little Reader users to a film studio and interviewed them about their experience of using the program. One of the parents had to cancel at the last minute, so we ended up conducting 19 interviews.

There were some very clear themes that came out consistently. The main ones were:

    How It Affected The Child

  • The children loved Little Reader
  • Dramatic Increase in Vocabulary
  • Improvement in Communication
  • Developing Reading Skills
  • Other benefits such as an increase in confidence and desire to learn

    How It Affected The Parent(s)

  • Bonding Between Parent and Child
  • Parents' Pride in Being the First Teacher

    Other Things The Parents Liked:

  • Easy To Use, requiring very little time
  • Loved the variation and personalization features
  • Loved the community support, and ability to download more content

What Little Reader can do for YOUR CHILD

Parents often report that their child gets much more than just learning to read! Hear it from
parents themselves:


What Little Reader can do for YOU

Little Reader doesn't just benefit your child! Listen to what these people say about how Little Reader benefits them as parents:

What do Teachers Think?

Among the parents we interviewed were two 6th Grade English teachers.

Listen to what they have to say about Little Reader.

Mia and Greg, former and current 6th Grade English Teachers

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More About Little Reader

A Visit with Amy and Willa

Amy Pogue describes her experience with using Little Reader with her 15 month old daughter Willa. Watch Willa responding to her Little Reader lessons! 

Easy To Use

Little Reader requires just 5-10 minutes a day! With the pre-planned one-year program for you to follow, the program leads your child from learning single words, to couplets, phrases, complete sentences, and full stories. All you need to do is click ‘play’ and have fun with your child!

Much More Engaging

Little Reader lessons are not only different all the time, but can be personalized with your own pictures, videos and voices, thereby engaging your child much more than traditional DVDs, flash cards, or books.

Community Support and Downloads

Need help? You need not be alone! With over 60,000 members from all over the world, the BrillKids Forum is probably the largest early learning online communities in the world. Not only can you get support from others, you can download thousands more content files for free from the Forum in over 27 different languages!

Having Fun with Little Reader

This is a short montage of several babies and toddlers having fun with Little Reader, taken from home videos submitted by the parent group.


These videos were compiled from interviews conducted as part of our "Testimonials Project" in March 2011.


Making the Video Montages

We made video montages of all the above points, from over 11 hours of video testimonial footage. Originally, each theme had a length of about 2 minutes, which was already shorter than we would have liked. However, due to the constraint of time for the infomercial, we had to reduce most of them down to under a minute - often a very heart-breaking and agonizing process!

We hope to be able to show extended versions of the videos when time and resources permit (it's quite a painstaking process to produce each part, especially in removing all the green screen elements from the background).

"Are those people actors?"

One question we sometimes get from viewers is whether the interviews are 'real' interviews, as opposed to scripted interviews with paid actors, because they sometimes seem 'too good to be true'. We take that as a great compliment!

If someone with a legitimate interest in the authenticity of the interviews wishes to ascertain this point, we would be more than happy to provide access to the entire unedited interview footage, full transcript of the interviews, and even contact details of each of the parents.

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