Eaton at 18 months

Martusia - Mom to Eaton from Hawaii

What's your experience like using BrillKids products?

My son has benefited tremendously from using BrillKids. With only a few minutes each day, the amount of knowledge that he obtains is amazing. By using the flash card and voice over system, he learns new words, phonics and definitions, increasing his understanding and intelligence. More importantly, he enjoys the process of learning and looks forward to it each day. He often climbs on my lap while I am at my computer, asking for more flash cards.

Using the built in curriculum, my son is able to pick up new words and sounds along with the ability to read. I started my son on the BrillKids program at 3 months and he is now able to read at 18 months. The program works great for me as a bilingual mother. I can prepare lessons in English and in other languages. I can even prepare lessons in languages I do not speak or read and my son will be able to learn them.

The BrillKids forum and community is also amazing. I have been able to use lessons that other moms have created, saving me time and broadening my son's horizons. Many of the lessons I would never have been able to prepare myself. I can always find great conversations and information in the forum, along with parents willing to answer any questions or concerns I have.

I would not hesitate to recommend BrillKids to any parent that asked me. It is a tool that can help our children have the best start possible and the brightest future available.