Jakob reading the Crow and the Jug at 2 years 10 months

Jakob with the Flap Cards at 2 years 11 months

Elle - Mom to Jakob from Canada

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the proud mother of Jakob who just turned 3 years old this month. I live in Canada but I'm originally from Thailand. When I was in Thailand, I worked in an international hospitality organization for 5 years, and I also worked at one of the company's branches in Canada for about 2 years. I took a break from full-time work when my son was born.

It all began when I got to know a group of Thai mothers who were interested in early learning. They shared information, resources, and learning materials in a small online community. I came across a discussion about Doman's dot math on one of the message boards I immediately got really interested in using the method with my son who was 15 months old at the time. I started gathering information about Glen Doman's method and bought his books.

I started teaching my son to read using handmade flash cards. I spent hours preparing materials, but the paper cards couldn't hold my son's attention. I was at my wit's end at that point, and I resolved to look for alternative ways of teaching my son - and that's when I came across a blog of a Doman mom. She wrote a review about BrillKids Little Reader and that's when I got to know BrillKids for the very first time. I found BrillKids' websites amazingly resourceful - I was able to find information on nearly every subject regarding early learning.

What's your experience like using BrillKids products?

Since my homemade flash cards were unsuccessful, I decided to buy BrillKids Little Reader.

Jakob read his first word when he was 23 months old and started reading simple sentences when he was 25 months old. I was so happy with BrillKids' Little Reader that I decided to buy Little Math, and later on I also purchased both volumes of Aesop's Fables. My son loves everything BrillKids and it's fun to watch how excited he is whenever we read or view the programs together.

He finished both semesters of Little Reader a few months ago but still loves seeing different content on the program. He is now watching more complex lessons, and also learning to read French and Thai with Little Reader.

I trust and believe in BrillKids so I recommend them to my friends. Little Reader does teach my son to read. If it works for my son, it must be so for other children.