Gavin & Gareth reading

Shen-Li - Mom to Gavin & Gareth from Malaysia

When did you start using Little Reader?

Prior to using BrillKids Little Reader and Little Math, I had been using the Doman Math and Reading programs. I eventually opted to get Little Math and Little Reader because the preset curriculum saved me so much time in preparation and it was so much easier to conduct lessons concurrently for two boys at different stages. Additionally, I started the reading program for my younger son when he was 4 months old so once we were past the basic words for objects in his world, he was no longer interested in the words of things he didn't know. Little Reader with the associated images and video clips gave those written words more meaning and rekindled his interest in his lessons.

Please describe your children's progress in learning to read.

Since my older son started reading fluently, I started using Little Reader to expand his knowledge with my own customised Little Reader flash cards on a variety of subjects, like country flags, dinosaurs, and elements of the periodic table. I also used Little Reader's phonics program to supplement his reading knowledge since he learned to read mainly using the whole word technique.

The early exposure to reading and Math has helped to inculcate the love for these subjects. We focussed more on literacy with my older son and he has developed a healthy interest for reading and books. My younger son, who received more lessons in Math is clearly more comfortable with numbers and enjoys Math much more than his older brother.

What do you like about Little Reader and why would you recommend it to others?

My motivation to refer people to use BrillKids is from my own experience with the products and the personal confidence that they work. I have strong convictions for what I believe in. What I believe in is that early learning makes a difference and BrillKids products simplify the teaching process for all parents (which is terrific when you're pressed for time). It couldn't be easier to teach your child the basics of reading and Math.

I am delighted to be able to share BrillKids' products with others because they have worked so well for us. My only regret was that BrillKids didn't come up with them earlier so I could have taken full advantage of them for my elder son. I think early learning is so important and it's great to be able to recommend such excellent products to others.