Kael reading at 29 months

Pearl - mom to Kael, Andre and Julian from the U.S.A.

When did you start using Little Reader?

I started Kael when he was about 12 months with prior flash cards. With Julian and Andre I started at around 10 or 10 1/2 months with no prior flashcard methods.

Please describe your child's progress in learning to read.

I started Kael to read with Glenn Doman style of flash cards since birth. I have the book "How Smart is your Baby" and used it from front to back. He read his first word at 8 months and loved flashcards and reading. He enjoyed it and was learning.

Around the time he was a year old he started to lose interest in the flashcards and I got PG with twins. We were moving around that time, so it made things harder and inconsistent. I had a very sensitive pregnancy which made it difficult to continue with the flashcards and he wasn't enjoying them as much. I tried doing other things with him like YBCR but he found them to be too slow and boring.

You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I was introduced to Brillkids during this time. Tatiana got Kael and I hooked on Brillkids and Little Reader. He loved the interactive-ness of the program and I loved the fact that he was enjoying himself and learning again. She started us off with a points donation so that we could get the Little Reader and it's the best gift anyone has given me.

Kael loved it from the very beginning; it was literally my reading program saver. I didn't know what to do and just when I needed it I found Little Reader. I wasn't able to give Kael as much consistency as we had at the beginning of our reading journey but Little Reader allowed us to go at a slower yet steady pace. I didn't have to worry about what I did or didn't mark or have remember anything, all I had to do was play his reader every day. I didn't even have to make more words or couplets etc... which, with my pregnancy was a big blessing. I didn't have to deal with semesters which were a real treat for me when they came out.

Just when he had finished semester 1, PT 2 came out and our journey continued. He's almost done with Semester 2. He finds interests in books and reading. He's getting his little brothers into it, which makes it even more enjoyable for all of us. The four of us will usually sit down in the morning and do Julian and Andre's school first and them Kael's. He gets to click on the mouse for his brothers, which is a nice add-on since he loves to do things himself. Kael is 2 1/2 yrs old with a very broad and clear vocabulary and people will sometimes comment on this. I'm so looking forward to the Spanish and Russian versions you are working on. This will throw in a whole new dimension to our world and I'm sure that my boys will love it. School is a pleasant word in our home and reading is a casual fun game we play, thanks to Little Reader for helping me pave the way.

How big a part did Little Reader play in helping your children to read?

The biggest part of my son's reading success is because of Little Reader.

What do you like about Little Reader and why would you recommend it to others?

I love everything about Little Reader! It's fun, easy, consistent, it works with your pace, it especially works for busy mommies and daddies, it's interactive, and it opens the doors to a broad vocabulary at an early age. When children know enough words to express themselves fully they are less frustrated when learning to communicate. I have also found that Little Reader is interesting for curious children and best of all it keeps their interest, at least it has for mine. I found with other programs that kids will like it in the beginning and then lose interest.

We've never used Little Reader as a distraction tool or video for them to watch while we do something else. Little Reader has been an add-on, the biggest add-on along with Little Math, to our learning. It's one of the things we do together, this could be why we enjoy it.

I would most definitely recommend it to others and I do recommend it to others, because it's everything you need to teach your baby to read.