Aiden reading at 17 months

Christina - Mom to Aiden from Quebec, Canada

When did you start using Little Reader?

We started using little reader with Aiden when he was 7 months. So we've been using Little Reader for 17 months now.

Please describe your child's progress in learning to read.

As soon as we started little reader with Aiden he loved it. He has always been very responsive to reading. He's ALWAYS asking to do school and if I cant give him any he goes through such a trial. Every time we do little reader he always surprises me, in as, he always reads new words/sentences that he wouldn't the day before. He's consistently learning more every time we use little reader and his vocabulary expanse weekly due largely impart to little reader.

How big a part did Little Reader play in helping your children to read?

Little reader has played a BIG part in helping Aiden to read. I believe that all his reading has come from little reader. I have tried other programs of early child education and he doesn't seem interested in them.

What do you like about Little Reader and why would you recommend it to others?

I like how it's very organized and how it captures children's attention unlike alot of other early child education programs.

And how it helps the child LOVE Learning.